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out with the old, in with the new, my wishes for the new age.
Life Journal

Out with the old, in with the new

Yesterday was my birthday -means my age becoming older. This year, 2019, I will be 28 years old, Happy working-mommy for Aira and my husband, Irham. I never knew before that at this age, I already married and has extremely-cranky daughter :).

Back to eight years ago, when I was single, no pressure, no purpose, already working and have income, independent, I just want to live to the fullest, with my friends, traveling visiting here and there, bought everything I want, go to the salon and spa almost every weekend, change mobile phone with the new model, as long as I can… aaaahhh looks happy, right?

I didn’t say I regret what I have now. No no no, Big No! I just felt that’s funny, how time and life makes a human change, become mature, -even though human’s age can’t buy the maturity, but at least for me, it does.

Entering my new ages, I think I need to upgrade both myself and how I run my life every day. I heard that changing your routine, your preference and your hobby will broaden how you think and make a decision, how you see a problem and you will out from the comfort-zone. Sounds difficult, ya?

So, I decided to :

1) Continue my study, sign up to one of the best University in Indonesia –upgrading degree

2) Read newspaper every morning –change routine

3) Sport activity every morning or at least every weekend -change routine

4) Living separate from my parents -change preference

5) Listen more podcast rather than Spotify -change preference

Let’s see how I become next year if I consist doing what I write above 🙂 *fingercross

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